Yaniq – on the beach and at Bridges

Yaniq played his own acoustic music at Bridges…

Yaniq playing at Bridges restaurant
Yaniq playing outdoors at Bridges restaurant on 18 July

This famous restaurant were celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Divine Friday’s - which is always a great opportunity to welcome the weekend with a glass of wine, or three!

The anniversary event started off on the terrace overlooking the bridge, then moved inside the restaurant.

The bridge at Bridges
The bridge at Bridges

Guests were entertained by Yaniq as well as another musician called Pak Tatang.   Wine, song, fine dining and even a jam session contest was held – which included a tap dancer!

Since then Yaniq’s played a few gigs with his friend’s band called Uluroots who are based in Uluwatu, in the south of Bali.

Yaniq & Armi on Padang Padang beach
Yaniq & Armi on Padang Padang beach

Uluroots are a great reggae band who often perform ‘on the beach’ which means the audience dance in the sand.  You can just see the natural rock backdrop to their wooden stage and, in front, everyone is dancing barefoot in the sand under a starry sky:

Party time on Padang Padang beach with Uluroots
Party time on Padang Padang beach with Uluroots

Our good friend Nancy jammed with Yaniq one night at The Secret Lounge – nice one Nance:

Nancy jamming with Yaniq
Nancy jamming with Yaniq at the Secret Lounge

And here’s Yaniq jamming with local bands in Ubud… this is Griya Faria and Yaniq is on the left of the picture just about to go into a guitar solo:

Yaniq jamming with Griya Fariaat LOL
Yaniq jamming with Griya Faria at LOL

And here he is jamming with Aboe’s band at Napi Urti:

Yaniq jamming with Aboe's band in Napi Urti
Yaniq jamming with Aboe’s band in Napi Urti

And with Fredi Marley – just chillin’ in the bale…

Yaniq and Fredi Marley in the garden
Yaniq and Fredi Marley in the garden

This week Yaniq’s still playing down south with Uluroots – but soon he’ll be back in Ubud playing his own original acoustic rock, edged with reggae & blues and sprinkled with tropical Balinese spices!

And even before that he’ll be uploading a video onto Youtube – so watch this space!

Music to drink cocktails to…

Every Saturday night, from 9pm, Yaniq plays his own original music at ‘The Secret Lounge’ (at the back of Bunute restaurant, Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud).  – Please note this gig has now finished.

Yaniq at The Secret Lounge
Yaniq at The Secret Lounge

Yaniq’s songs are so fresh, they even smell as if they’ve just come straight out of the oven – perfect for drinking cocktails with!

Music to drink cocktails to
Music to drink cocktails to

See you there…


Yaniq – at ‘The Secret Lounge’ on Sat nights

Come and listen to great, original, acoustic rock music on Sat nights, in a brand new venue!

Yaniq will be playing all his own songs… tunes to make your feet dance, ballads to pluck your heart strings and songs you can hum along to.

Venue: ‘The Secret Lounge’ (hidden behind Bunute restaurant, Jalan Dewi Sita, Ubud – just walk through the restaurant, right to the back – directions below).

When: 9pm on Sat, 5 July and every Sat!

Yaniq - ready to rock your Sat night
Yaniq – ready to rock your Sat night

Yaniq is looking forward to seeing you at ‘The Secret Lounge’ on Sat nights – it’s a secret he encourages you to share with all your friends!

See you there…

Directions to ‘The Secret Lounge’, Ubud:
For motorbikes:  at the football field in Monkey Forest Road turn into Jalan Dewi Sita.  Go down the hill and you will see Bunute restaurant on the right, just after the river. ‘The Secret Lounge’ is at the back of the restaurant.

If you’re coming by car:  turn into Jalan Dewi Sita from Hanoman Street and you’ll find Bunute/The Secret Lounge on the left at the bottom of the hill.

Musical drawings in fantasy land…

Take a look at this drawing.  What do you see?

I mean, what do you really see?  Look at the small details.

'Shadows in the Mirror' by Yaniq
‘Shadows in the Mirror’ by Yaniq

Yaniq has created many drawings that warrant close attention to detail, and this is a great example of them.

The mirror image is not true at all.  The guitars face the wrong way, the woman’s clothes and the candle holders might be black – or white, the instruments might be plain – or patterned, the plant might be dark – or light.

To top it off, Yaniq’s signature and date can be found, backwards, in the mirror.

Hope you like it – please let us know if you do.

Also, please keep watching this blog because we’ll be announcing a new, live gig soon – so you’ll be able to hear Yaniq play all his own songs – without the aid of a mirror, hahaha!

Yaniq enters UK music competition

Keep your fingers crossed for Yaniq’s song, ‘Ticket to Paradise‘ which he’s entered into the UK Songwriting Contest.

This international competition will showcase Yaniq’s work to important people in the music industry… the judges are: ‘Grammy, Emmy, BRIT and CMA Award winning, gold and platinum album producers and artists’.

The judges are looking for songwriting skills, not recorded perfection, which is why Yaniq’s live version of, ‘Ticket to Paradise’ was chosen for the contest… because it offers the raw, acoustic energy of this great, upbeat song. 

There’s a lot of good music out there, and I’m sure the competition will be tough, but I believe Yaniq’s song has every chance.   Click here to listen to the song:

Come on, why not give it a thumbs up or make your comment here:

By the way, if you see him performing this live from now on, you’ll notice that he includes, ‘kecak’ in the middle of it – sounds brill
(although only those in Bali will understand what that means!).

Open Air gig

Yaniq played at IDEP’s anniversary party.

Yaniq playing at IDEP's Anniversary Party
Yaniq on the open air stage

Yaniq played his original acoustic songs alongside Robi Navicula, Geeksmile & Joged Qucimas.

The day was full of opportunities – you could learn about recycling paper or making liquid compost and seed bombs etc., while being entertained with great music with traditional joged dancing at the end!

Joged dancer
Joged dancer

Happy Anniversary IDEP!

Yaniq’s live music, raw food & seed bombs!!!

YANIQ will be playing his original, new, acoustic songs at a free         permaculture event for IDEP Foundation’s 15th anniversary at      Batuan, Sukawati, on Sunday, 18 May at 3pm.

Come along and listen to great music, join a workshop, learn about seed saving, raw food preparation, first aid and gardening.

Or try your hand at recycling paper, making liquid compost, creating    organic pots and making seed bombs!

Yaniq - playing organic music!
Yaniq – playing organic music!

YANIQ will perform at 3pm and other bands, including  Bayak /Geek Smile, Robi / Navicula  & Joged Qucimas Payangan, will be there along with an Open Mic and chance to play the bamboo gamelan.

All day long there will be a BAZAAR where you can find delicious food, all kinds of products and NGO-stands with great knowledge to share.

Full address:  Br. Dauh Uma, Desa Batuan Kaler, Kecamatan Sukawati, Gianyar 80582 – Bali

This is the directions link they gave me: ” https://www.google.com/maps/place/IDEP+Foundation/@-8.577454,115.269404,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x2dd23e15d0e7191b:0xf9e9959a9de57c30


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