About Yaniq

Yaniq (pronounced Yanick) is a Balinese singer/songwriter and artist.

He’s played guitar professionally in rock and reggae bands throughout Bali but, in the background, he’d been working on perfecting a wealth of new material… all his own, original songs.

Yaniq plays a unique style of acoustic rock, edged with reggae and blues and sprinkled with Balinese spices and now he’s ready to share this new music with you:

Smile was recorded live in the rice fields of Ubud, Bali.

Yaniq’s first ever solo gig, on 14 January 2014, was at a bar in Ubud called Lezat.

He’s since played at Coffee & Copper, The Secret Lounge, Bridges restaurant, Alit’s Warung, a number of charity gigs and in rice fields too!

Yaniq - wearing his logo
Yaniq – wearing his guitar shaped logo

Yaniq is also an artist and you will find some of his artwork here on his blog.  Here’s a sample:

Dancer - gold on red
Dancer – gold on red

So, if you need a singer/songwriter for your private function or a regular gig, or if you’re interested in buying his artwork, please contact him at: yaniq1@outlook.com

Yaniq - shoes full of sand
Yaniq – shoes full of sand

And, while you’re here, please take a look around his blog for unique music, lyrics, gig info, photos as well as Yaniq’s artwork etc.,

Would love to hear from you...

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